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University Honors challenges motivated students to create their own world-class education. The program supports students' efforts to take advantage of all that a major research university offers in the intimate setting of a smaller academic community. Integral to undergraduate education at Virginia Tech, University Honors provides leadership in innovative and extraordinary learning opportunities.

Congratulations to...

Anusha Rizvi

2014 Boren Scholar

David Mackanic

2014 Goldwater Scholar

Catherine Goggins

2014 udall Scholar

Virginia Tech's Truman Finalists


Summer Institutes for US Undergraduates

2014 Emily Neer - King's College London

2013 Adam Mills - Queen's University Belfast



USAID Campus Challenge - 1st & 2nd place!

Wes Williams
Nicholas Montgomery
Kwamina Orleans-Pobee.


Honors Ambassadors

The Honors Ambassadors program is a student-led Honors organization created to facilitate engagement among Honors students and alumni. Meet the Ambassadors


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Information sessions will NOT be offered from July 1-31, 2014, due to freshmen orientation.


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